Marsha P. Johnson ODDA 20 Limited Edition
Marsha P. Johnson ODDA 20 Limited Edition
Marsha P. Johnson ODDA 20 Limited Edition

Marsha P. Johnson ODDA 20 Limited Edition

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In celebration of Pride month ODDA is launching two limited edition versions of its latest issue.  All of the proceeds from the sale of these magazines will be donated to three different organisations.

The first edition wrap cover launching today, June 1st, features Marsha P. Johnson.

Marsha is a historic pioneer and trailblazer in the LGTBQIA+ community. A leading activist for gay rights in New York City, and she was one of the most notable figures in the Stonewall Uprising in 1969 in Greenwich Village.

Throughout her life, Marsha was known for her activism but she was also a prominent artist and performer. Marsha is, for many, a true inspiration.

In this limited edition cover for “There is a Time,” ODDA wants to highlight Marsha’s courageous life and her valiant activism, her battle against the status quo mentality of the mainstream and her fighting spirit, which help expand the rights for many over the years.

This image of Marsha was taken by photographer Rick Shupper in 1991 and the profits from the sale of this limited edition version of ODDA 20 will be donated to the Marsha P Johnson organisation.

*For circumstances out our control (Brexit and Covid-19), we experiment delay in our shipments.

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