JW Anderson Pride Series 3 - The Posters #2

JW Anderson Pride Series 3 - The Posters #2

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For the third year in a row, ODDA is happy to be celebrating PRIDE with JW Anderson. To extend this limited edition series we have released posters. 

We have taken this opportunity to express that Pride is not only a space of protest within the community, but also a space of protest for the community. In this year's Pride celebration, we aim to highlight the significance of alliance and visibility. While the queer community takes the lead in the discussion, the support and alliance from those outside the community are more crucial than ever, given the current events unfolding worldwide.

That is why our feature for the Pride 2023 ODDA x JW Anderson Series 3 is Moritz Hau, an international model, student, and friend. We believe in the strength of our community and extend an invitation to the straight community to listen to our discussion, with the hope of fostering understanding and breaking down the barriers that still exist.

Portions of our sales will be donated to The Outside Project, London (@lgbtiqoutside). While we celebrate the pride we have for our identities, we are aware that many are facing circumstances that gravely affect their lives. The Outside Project provides a safe-house and refuge for the LGBTQIA+ Community, who are targeted for who they are.

Our large-format Pride 2023 ODDA x JW Anderson Series 3 posters are 50cm x 70cm.

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