ODDA 15 Sigourney Weaver

ODDA 15 Sigourney Weaver

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ODDA 15 represents a new wave connected to the magazine’s own key codes. A step forward and a crucial part of our short editorial plight.
Through this issue, we do pursue to push for personality and people connected with passions; those who are eager and looking at the next chapter in their lives and careers.

For this reason, this issue speaks to dreams, projects, rights, and tackles the daily lives of each individual portrayed by photographers, creatives and talents; thus making us feel a part of their universe and creative aura. We believe in the importance of keeping always the past in mind, to generate a present full of inspiration for the future to come.

ODDA 15 marks a turning point for the magazine not only when it comes to design, layout and content distribution, but also in personalities featured. After launching several covers issue by issue portraying special stories and celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Sharon Stone or Joan Collins; this time is actress Sigourney Weaver who takes over the magazine by starring the three covers of the ‘Looking Forward’ issue.

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